Hello and welcome to my website! I'm a NYC-based software engineer and singer.

I work for Amazon, per an acquisition of Body Labs, where we use deep learning and computer vision to "teach" computers how to see and understand the human body. With both my work and personal projects I gravitate towards creating apps/prototypes pertaining to animation, interactive performance, and visualization.

Aside from writing code, I sing. I am a baritone which means I typically voice villains, kings, and other imposing roles. More on that below or in my singing resume.

That's all for now, enjoy!


Store of the Future

coded and constructed a magic mirror for Perry Ellis in Macy's Herald Square

Brookfield Place

developed massive multi-touch kiosk app and digital signage for wayfinding and branded content

Mansion History

developed and deployed an interactive tour of the Carnegie Mansion for the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum


enabled dancers to paint through time and fire with this interactive dance performance


Implemented 3D attenuation with a laser harp for musical performance


The Abominable Showman

Provided the voice (and animation reference) for the Ted Baker Holiday Campaign's opera-aspiring yeti